MinSeg MagLev Magnetic Levitation Kit + MinSegNanoStick + Demo

$ 65.00

This Magnetic Levitation kit is designed to be a add on kit for our M1V4.3, M2V3.2, and MinSegMega Kits.

For a Limited time all Magnetic Levitation kits come with our smallest MinSegNanoStick - a fully functional Arduino compatible board with motor driver!  It will be pre-loaded with balance code so you can see it balance right away!  (note the balance code is NOT available from us, so program at your own risk!, or buy another MinSegNano stick to program)

For a limited time the kit includes:
  • MinSegNanoStick (compatible with MinSegNano library
  • RASPLib)Compatible USB cable - plug in and balance!

     Standard MagLev Kit includes:

    • Electromagnetic Coil & stand
    • Magnet
    • Cable for M1V4.3 MinSegShield
    • Integrated Hall effect sensor to measure position
    • Assembled with project box (Arduino NOT included)
    • Direct plug-in compatible with M1V4.3 and M2V5 Shields, the MinSegMega V3 and the MinSegNanoStick micro usb. Compatible with M2V3.2 and other systems with single jumper wire.

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