A great Arduino Library, tutorials, and curriculum  is available here:

Arduino Simulink Library: Rensselaer Arduino Support Package Library

Curriculum Labs: Rensselaer Mechatronics Curriculum Labs

From the website:

  • Simulink Arduino Intro Blinking LED
  • RASPlib Installation Instructions
  • Analog Encoder PWM
  • Gyroscope Reading and Calibrating
  • Magnetometer Making a Compass
  • Serial Communication Basics
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • DC Motor Step Response
  • Realistic DC Motor Simulation
  • Basic DC Motor Control
  • Realistic PI Controller Simulation
  • DC Motor Parameter ID
  • Determining Angle with Complimentary Filter
  • Basic Balancing Lab
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

For old files and downloads see the old site:

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