MinSegMotor - The DC Motor Control Kit

$ 95.00

A low-cost DC Motor control Kit.  This kit is designed to be used specifically as a portable DC motor lab kit. It has an improved DRV8833 motor driver and has headers for common motors such as micro motors that can easily connect with a 1.5mm JST ZH connector. 

Download and read motor encoder data with 1 click! External Mode supported in 2018a and later!

Color of wheel and school text can be specified. 

MinSegMotor Kit Contents:

  • Arduino Mega Compatible board with a micro usb connector
  • DRV8833 Motor Driver
  • JST ZH 1.5mm headers to directly connect micromotors
  • JST ZH 1.5mm to JST PH 2.0mm ribbon cable to connect the DC motor.
  • Male Pinouts for motor with encoder
  • DC motor with 1336 quadrature encoded (334 encoder counts) and 2.3mm motor shaft
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Clear project box



  • 1 motor USB only kit.  This kit as a single motor header and only uses USB for power.  Most customers only need this kit.
  • 2 motor external power kit.  Has two motor headers and the option to use an external power supply for higher voltage.  This kit is for customers who may want to do labs with two motors, or other motors such as microgear motors.  
  • MSM kit.  This kit uses our highly capable MinSegMega V4 board with the DC motor.   This is for customers that want all the additional capability of the MinSegMega platform and perform DC motor labs.


Pinout Diagram: MinSegMotor M2 Pinout

Curriculum and Simulink Library available here:

RASPLib (Rensselaer Arduino Support Package Library)

A serial port driver needs to be installed so your computer will recognize this Arduino board: 

Serial Port Driver

Lab overview video - shows some of the possible labs and results. (contact us for source code):

MinSegMotor Quick Start Video




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