MinSegNanoStick DC Motor Control and Prototyping Kit

$ 20.00


A low-cost DC Motor control and sensor kit.  Download and read motor  encoder data with 1 click!.  External Mode supported in 2018a and later!

Optional accelerometer/gyroscope/compass and barometer data (sold separately).

MinSegNano Kit Contents:

  • MinSegNanoStick Board:
      • Arduino Nano Compatible board with a micro usb or mini usb connector
      • SN754410 Motor Driver
      • FPC cable and header for easy connection to included DC Motor
      • Male Pinouts for 2 motors with encoders (see pinout diagram)
      • Male Pinouts to easily connect I2C sensors (sold separately)
  • DC motor with 334 encoder counts (1336 quadrature decoded)
  • USB Cable
  • 10 jumper wires (will vary F/F or M/F) to easily connect you own motors with encoders!
  • Altoid sized tin box

This kit is compatible with the MinSeg MagLev Kit

Curriculum and Simulink Library available here:

RASPLib (Rensselaer Arduino Support Package Library)

Pinout diagram: MinSegNano Pinout

NOTE: External mode is NOT supported, but you can view live data with SerialPlot in RASPLib.

Later versions (after 2018b) external mode IS supported.

(MPU9250 + MPU280 10DOF sensor & others - sold separately - contact for availability)

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