MinSegMeg V4 (New!)

$ 175.00

V4 has arrived!

MinSegMega V4 Lab Kit Includes:

  • MinSegMega V4 Board: Arduino Compatible Mega 2560 (compatible with Arduino IDE)
  • Supports 2 motors and 2 encoders
  • DRV8833 motor driver
  • MPU6050  3-axis accelerometer 3-axis gyro, temperature sensor
  • Potentiometer for user input
  • Bluetooth Header for plug in bluetooth module
  • Header for ultrasonic sensor 
  • I2C header and other headers for additional sensors
  • User Input button and output LED
  • NXT DC Motor with Encoder and wheels  OR optional 2 N20 microgear motors for the ability do drive and steer! (Note this style NXT motor is no longer available, new or like new refurbished NXT motors used based on availability)
  •  6AA (9v) battery holder and included battery cover
  • Retractable USB Cable
  • Project Box 


Note there are two versions available:

1. Atmega16u2 for USB serial conversion - this is the standard Arduino converter.  It will show up as Arduino Mega in the Device manager and "Automatic" can be used in Simulink.

2. CH340 hardware based USB serial converter.  This version shows up as "CH340 SERIAL"  in device manager and the COM port must be specified in Simulink. In later versions of Simulink you must also specify the command "codertarget.arduinobase.registry.setBaudRate(gcs,115200)"  Instructions are provided in the Demo File.  

A serial port driver may need to be installed so your computer will recognize this Arduino board: Serial Port Driver


         Arduino IDE users will see no difference when programming.


  • Dual MicroGear Motor Kit (some assembly required): Includes 2 microgear motors and cables, mounted on adapter board with 2 screws (screwdriver assembly required). Also includes 9v battery holder and screw for mini configuration
  • Plug In Bluetooth Module (sold separately)
  • Ultrasonic Sensor (sold separately)
  • Time of Flight sensor (sold separately)


Improvements from V3:

  • Improved power circuit capable of 4.9-5 volts from USB (V3 was about 3.9 volts)  (Be sure to set Vsupply to 4.9 or use the V4 demo file)
  • Availability of hardware based serial converter CH340 or standard Atmega16u2
  • Compatibility with MinSegMotor DC Motor
  • Easy to use potentiometer knob


Improvements from V2:

  • Micro USB connector
  • More robust and common 1.5mm zh cable connections (for NXT and gearmotor)
  • Dual MicroMotor support - Steer and Drive!
  • User LED and User pushbutton
  • FPC motor connector for 130 motors with encoders
  • header compatibility with Magnet Levitation Kit
  • Driver On/Off Switch - finally you can turn the motor OFF! with On/Off LED
  • I2C header and other headers for additional sensors: HC-SR04 Sonar, VL53L0X Laser Range finder, BMP280 pressure, ENC-03RC analog gyro,  BMI160 Gyro/accel
  • Mini Dual Motor Configuration with a 9V battery - the smallest balancing robot yet!


Curriculum and Simulink Library available here:

RASPLib (Rensselaer Arduino Support Package Library)

Pinout Diagram


Please email us for any questions, corrections or suggestions!


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