Mechatronics Boards

$ 65.00

RPI students only.

Available to order until the December 15th.  Can be dropped off in Troy and shipping will be refunded.

A 2020 mechatronics segway kit - programmable (arrives programmed with balance code)

  • MPU 6050 gyro/accelerometer (no compass)
  • A used Lego NXT motor
  • Sainsmart arduino Mega or Arduino Compatible, you may have to specify the COM port in Simulink code 
  • USB cable and clear project box

Also available are some wheel nano based robot kits (nano kits require the purchase of a litiium ion 9v battery to ensure there is enough current - rechargeable 9v is recommended).  These use different simulink blocks, and have limited memory so "monitor and tune" is limited.  

  • A programmable mechatronics 2020  kits with MPU6050, nano, cable, and clear box
  • A non-programmable mechatonics 2020 kit   with MPU6050, nano, cable, and clear box (does basic balance), but is NOT programmable.  

Except for the 2020 kit all others should be considered 2nds and may have slight defects, but will work perfectly. 




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