MinSegMotor - the DC Motor Control Kit

$ 45.00


Discontinued - please see our MinSeg Motor 2 Kit

A low-cost DC Motor control Kit in a box!  This kit is designed to be used specifically as a portable DC motor lab kit. It has all the features of our MinSegNano board, but it never has to leave the box keeping all the hardware protected.  It has an improved DRV8833 motor driver and has additional headers for common motors such as micro motors that can easily connect with a 1.5mm JST ZH connector. 

Download and read motor  encoder data with 1 click!. External Mode supported in 2018a and later!

Optional accelerometer/gyroscope/compass and barometer (sold separately - attaches just like the the MinSegNano)

MinSegMotor Kit Contents:

  • Arduino Nano Compatible board with a micro usb connector
  • DRV8833 Motor Driver
  • 2 FPC headers for easy connection to included DC Motor
  • 2 JST ZH 1.5mm headers to directly connect micromotors
  • Male Pinouts for 2 motors with encoders (see pinout diagram, MinSegNano currently posted, this kit has same pinouts only switches are in different locations - will be updated soon)
  • DC motor with 334 encoder counts (1336 quadrature decoded)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Altoid sized tin box
  • 2mm motor shaft
  • 2 different sized gears

Curriculum and Simulink Library available here - (this kit uses the MinSegNano Demo file)

RASPLib (Rensselaer Arduino Support Package Library)

Pinout diagram: MinSegNano Pinout

NOTE: External mode is NOT supported on earlier version of Matlab, but you can view live data with SerialPlot in RASPLib.

Later versions (after 2018b) external mode IS supported.

(MPU9250 + MPU280 10DOF sensor & others - sold separately - contact for availability)

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