MinSegMeg V3 Single Axis Kit

$ 165.00

Update 8/1/2019 - prototype testing is complete.  PCBs are now in testing and ship next week!

Please contact us if you need a large quantity.  Also consider the M1V4  and M2V3 Kits - our most popular kits!

Updated pictures comming soon!

MinSegMega V3 Lab Kit Includes:

  • MinSegMega V3 Board: Arduino Compatible Mega 2560 (compatible with Arduino IDE)
  • Supports 2 motors and 2 encoders
  • DRV8833 motor driver
  • MPU9250 ( 3-axis accelerometer 3-axis gyro, 3-axis Magnetometer/Compass, temperature sensor)
  • Potentiometer for user input
  • Bluetooth Header for plug in bluetooth module
  • Header for ultrasonic sensor 
  • NXT DC Motor with Encoder and wheels  OR 2 N20 microgear motors for the ability do drive and steer!
  •  6AA (9v) battery holder and included battery cover
  • Retractable USB Cable
  • Project Box
  • Plug In Bluetooth Module (sold separately)
  • Ultrasonic Sensor (sold separately)
  • Time of Flight sensor (sold separately)


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